Natural and Organic Spa is an innovative and environmentally friendly skincare line. It was lovingly developed not only to promote the delicate care of the skin, but also to take advantage of the healthful benefits of  botanical herbs, and  to encourage the environmental wellbeing of our planet Earth. We are a customized brand of personal care products for the skin, hair, and nails. Our skincare specialist create and personalize your  own beauty routine to help you enjoy and recreate the comfort of a luxury Spa atmosphere in your very own home!


       Our products are made with the finest organic materials. We are proud to provide our clients with only the best in handcrafted and fresh products. Our raw materials have never been chlorinated nor processed. We know that avoiding additives and  chemicals will conserve all of the nourishing vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, and brilliant natural colors. Moreover, all our formulas incorporate the use of highest quality essential oils, organic and naturally grown herbs, herbal infusions, food grade vegetable oils and butters, and pure vitalized water. 


       Natural and Organic Spa was created with love by a skincare therapist with more than twenty years of experience in the skincare field Ninoska Smith. After working with many different skincare lines, Ninoska was able to combine expertise, experience, and a revolutionary research to develop her own skincare line. Her interest and passion for the powerful healing properties of botanical herbs has contributed to the development of Natural and Organic Spa.

We are very confident that you will not find products of this caliber anywhere else!


       We encourage you to feel empowered  from the inside out  through the use of products from the Natural and Organic Spa skincare line!


       Our Philosophy is simple. We want you  to improve the health and beauty of your skin while preserving the environmental integrity of our planet. 


"We use environmentally friendly products only!"  


We remain:

* Paraben Free

* Cruelty Free and NEVER test on animals

* Vegan Friendly

* Gluten Free

* Mindful of preserving the Eco-system